Where to stay at Puy du Fou®?

In one of 5 hotels in Puy du Fou®, by booking a ticket and hotel package or with partner accommodation: bed and breakfasts, lodges, campsites, etc.

Where to sleep near Puy du Fou®?

Find accommodation near the Puy du Fou®, the Vendée bocage territory offers a wide range of accommodation: hotels, guest rooms for a short duration. And if you stay longer to visit the region, think about the campings and Holiday rents. For a roaming stay in a camper van, there are numerous areas dotted around the area. And for group or family stays, discover our offer group accommodation, holiday village and tourist residences.

Information and availability of accommodation

The Vendée Bocage Tourist Offices are available to advise you on the accommodation you need and organize your stay around Puy du Fou®. You can call:

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