Discover several eras while marveling at the grandiose shows at Puy du Fou in Vendée Bocage!

Enter Puy du Fou and be overwhelmed by emotions! The shows transport you back in time, for an unforgettable stay! Discover the list of shows and period villages of Puy du Fou.

At Puy du Fou®, history is waiting for you!

Visiting Puy du Fou during the day: a journey through time 

Puy du Fou: Daytime shows

From the Middle Ages to the First World War, relive the great events of History in shows and share the destiny of heroes for a day or forever! A multitude of shows grandiose and adventurous for the whole family.

The big news for 2024 from Puy du Fou France®
La Frairie de la Toussaint – Puy du Fou France
Puy du Fou® Park and shows

New for 2024 – La Frairie de la Toussaint: 1st major ephemeral show

At nightfall, a huge procession sets off through the alleys and villages. Royal carriages, plumed horses, musicians and dancers... François I and his 300 guests, coming from the six provinces of France, make a spectacular entrance to the biggest party ever given at Puy du Fou !


Be witnesses to this grandiose event and join the courtyard of the Castle to celebrate the most sumptuous weddings of the entire Renaissance! The King of France is the prestigious host of the wedding of Catherine and François du Puy du Fou. A giant banquet is organized around the culinary theaters set up for the occasion.

The big news for 2023 from Puy du Fou France®
The Mime and the Star – Puy du Fou France

A stone's throw from Bourg Bérard, the Puy du Fou celebrates, with this new great spectacle, the carelessness of the Belle Epoque and pays homage to the beginnings of the 7th art. The time when the first directors were true explorers, the golden age of the gypsy circus and illusionists an enchanted parenthesis of our History suspended in eternity like a childhood memory.

The Mime and the Star show at Puy du Fou, new for 2023 in Vendée Bocage.

Zoom on the original creation 2023 – THE MIME AND THE STAR

« The Mime and the Star » : We are in 1914 and visitors are invited to watch, in silence, the shooting of a brand new film starring Garance, the rising star of the 7th art, and Mimoza, the dreamy young mime. On the set, the director Gérard Bideau hopes to realize his dream... He is indeed convinced that only a sincere love will be able to offer silent and black and white cinema, color and sound. In front of the director's camera, Mimoza draws from her childhood dreams a thousand tricks and illusions to impress the one who has already won her heart. But the filming is suddenly interrupted by a dramatic event that upsets the life of the young Gypsy, shakes up Garance's budding feelings and destroys all the director's hopes...

The XNUMXth century makes its entry into the great spectacles of the Puy du Fou. THE Mime and the Star is a tribute to the Belle Epoque, a parenthesis of our History, suspended in eternity like a childhood memory, a dream of happiness and carefreeness... The room in which the show takes place is not a theater but a film studio from the beginning of the 2000th century. This construction of bricks, beams and glass, inspired by Georges Méliès' greenhouse, accommodates XNUMX spectators!

In this silent show, designed like a subtitled film, the music, an original composition by Nathan Stornetta, translates all the emotions. She is the voice of the characters who converse in silent words.

The latest of the Puy du Fou shows, “Le Mime et l'Etoile” is the fruit of 45 years of creative experience. Through its sets, mobile accessories, hundreds of costumes and stage effects, this ambitious and spectacular creation recreates live the exact aesthetics of a period film in black and white, without filters or artifices between the eye. of the spectator and the stage, with real characters in real settings. 

To take the viewer on a giant tracking shot, like that of a movie camera, Puy du Fou has achieved a new technical and artistic feat. In front of the lens of the director's camera, everything starts to move. The facades of the houses and shop fronts of a typical Belle Epoque street then parade in real scenery in front of a captivated gallery, while the 120 characters of the story evolve on a moving floor reinforcing the illusion of a tracking shot of almost 2 kilometers! 

Silence… it's spinning!'

The Sign of Triumph – Puy du Fou France

« The Sign of Triumph » : new staging in 2022. In the great Colosseum, experience the fury of the Circus Games, after the gladiator fights and the mythical chariot race, the Roman governor condemns the prisoners to a new ordeal and provokes the metamorphosis of the arena herself. In a stunning finale, the Gallo-Romain Stadium becomes the scene of a spectacular naumachia – a naval battle – between the gigantic imperial galley and the Gallic rafts.

The Last Panache – Puy du Fou France

« The Last Panache », the heroic destiny of General Charette. Before becoming the General of the War of Vendée, Charette traveled the world in the navy, alongside Lafayette. The last Panache evokes this astonishing story of the hero of the War of Vendée. Total immersion in a 360° room.

The Vikings – Puy du Fou France

« The Vikings », while the whole village is celebrating the wedding of Sybèle and Alédric, frightening longships appear in the middle of the flames and the Vikings land. The villagers try to repel the attackers. Witness this epic fight!

The Ball of the Ghost Birds – Puy du Fou France

« The Ghost Bird Ball », around the ruins of the old castle, hundreds of birds spring up and graze you with their giant wings! An unforgettable moment of grace!

Musketeer of Richelieu – Puy du Fou France

« Musketeer of Richelieu », enter an oversized theater and experience a romantic swashbuckling adventure, punctuated by musketeer duels, flamenco ballets and equestrian prowess! This show offers a breathtaking staging!

The Secret of the Lance – Puy du Fou France

« The Secret of the Lance », in the middle of the Hundred Years War, Jeanne la Lorraine comes to gather her best warriors before going to fight the English. Marguerite, a young shepherdess left alone in the castle will have to protect the ramparts of the castle. Live a medieval adventure by following the fate of this intrepid heroine!

The Knights of the Round Table – Puy du Fou France

« The Knights of the Round Table », at the foot of the ramparts of the Medieval City, Merlin puts the courage of young Arthur to the test. Witness the surprising return of the Knights of the Round Table on a quest for the Grail and let yourself be carried away to the heart of the fantastic universe of the Arthurian legend.

Immersive shows

« The Mystery of La Pérouse », created in 2018, a show in total immersion, embark on one of the explorer's ships and experience his odyssey without return from the inside. Leave the port of Brest for Cape Horn, Alaska...

The " First Kingdom », the original 2019 creation of Puy du Fou®, immerse yourself in the XNUMXth century during the fall of the Roman Empire, follow Clovis, the famous Frankish king, over the course of his conquests.

The Verdun lovers », venture into the hundred-year-old forest of Puy du Fou® and cross the centuries to reach the heart of the First World War. Through the romantic correspondence of a soldier and his fiancée, you dive into the heart of the winter of 1916, in a real trench, to meet heroic soldiers.

La Renaissance of the Castle , takes you inside the Puy du Fou castle! The paintings speak to you, the mirrors observe you, the ghosts dance... Discover the surprises that the rooms of the castle have in store for you!

Night shows at Puy du Fou®

The Wedding of Fire – Puy du Fou France

The Fire Wedding – original creation 2020. Every evening at nightfall, a soft melody resounds from the Puy du Fou® pond and gradually awakens memories of the most romantic of weddings. 

The Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou

The Cinéscénie : the great sound and light show of the Puy du Fou®, a unique, open-air show that retraces the destiny of the Maupillier family, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War, with the Château du Puy du Fou®.

Period villages to discover at Puy du Fou

Take the time to stroll through the paths of the park between two shows, and let yourself be carried away in the period villages!

The Medieval City at Puy du Fou

Font-Rognou, the medieval city

The fortified enclosure welcomes you for a journey to the heart of the Middle Ages. Discover the know-how of the artisans: the talmelier (baker), the wood and stone sculptor, saddler, ceramist-potter, enameler, master glassmaker, portrait painter, cooper... Take the time to admire its ramparts and its portcullis, enter the Romanesque chapel and the different stalls!

The Viking village: Saint Philbert the Elder

Come admire the work of the blacksmith, and his ancestral techniques, in the heart of this hamlet with its huts and thatched roofs.

Chasseloup: the 18th century village

Attend the Grand Carillon concert, overlooking the village. Discuss with the artisans and discover their know-how: illuminator, earthenware maker, saddler, glass blower, clog maker, scent creator, bookbinder and gilder, etc.

The main square of Bourg Bérard; the town 1900

Stop for lunch or a snack at the Bistrot, have a beer under the Eiffel Hall, enter the many shops with tempting windows: books, toys, costumes, sweets... A place full of life!

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