Experience family adventures in the tourist sites and leisure activities of the Bocage Vendéen with the Club des intrépides!

Are you traveling with your children and teenagers? Find all our kids friendly ideas to discover during your holidays in Vendée! Activities and experiences indoors or in the middle of nature, to live fun and unforgettable moments!

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Family adventures!

Le Intrepid Club was created by Léo, Emma, ​​Noé and Filou. Their grandfather was a treasure hunter, and he transmitted to them the passion for puzzles. But it's not easy to unravel all the mysteries of the bocage in Vendée, so the 4 adventurers need your help, and that of your whole tribe: parents, grandparents to solve these investigations!

Intrepid: who does not tremble in the face of danger.'

Le Intrepid Club, it's games, activities, experiences to live with family or friends!

What is the Intrepid Club?

Le Intrepid Club, it is the network of tourist sites and leisure activities in the Vendée Bocage which offer adventures for families.

A badge is given at the start of each adventure: a great collection to build up, a total of 13 badges.
Between hidden treasures, buried secrets and unacknowledged mysteries, we need the children to finally succeed where so many others have failed: treasure hunt, puzzles...

The Intrepid Club allows you to travel with your tribe through different eras. The Club des intrépides: this is the name given to the adventure-games that the sites and activities of the Vendée bocage offer you, at each age, its own adventure: treasure hunts, puzzles to solve. The Club allows cohesion between the Vendée Bocage visit sites, so together we work to guarantee you quality activities in good conditions.

What activities are offered?

There are several types of activities including:

It is the ideal compromise to enjoy family holidays! Children benefit from great entertainment to keep busy during the visit! Teenagers can help the younger ones or take advantage of other activities, and parents can have fun with their children by discovering a rich heritage, green nature or even fun activities!

The Club des Intrépides is also a great tip for visiting places that are sometimes more complicated to offer to children or teenagers: museums, gardens, etc. Playing while visiting allows children to pass a few hours for a few minutes! Magic ! And no, it's Le Club des Intrépides! So what are you waiting for?

Budding investigators or fans ofEscape Game ? The activities offered by the Club des Intrépides network are made for you!

The Intrepid Club flyer

To find all the sites participating in the Club des intrépides and the details of the activities, ask for your flyer at the reception of the sites and the Tourist Offices!

On vacation with grandpa and grandma in Vendée, in the heart of the bocage? It's here brochure ideal for finding lots of ideas for having fun and forgetting about school for the whole day!

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Additional ideas on the pages Facebook et Instagram, find the latest reports from the sites and activities with the children of the Club des intrépides du bocage vendéen.

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