On foot, by bike or on horseback, the landscapes of the Bocage Vendéen can be discovered while hiking. Find all the essential information to organize your hiking trips in Vendée Bocage.

Select a circuit according to your wishes pedestrian, cycling ou equestrian, let yourself be carried away by our hiking ideas. The landscapes of the bocage are revealed at the bend of the paths: the lakes around Chantonnay, the forest of Grasla in Brouzils, the river Sèvre Nantaise, the Small Cities of Character… Fancy a hiking trip, set off on the GR of Pays Sèvre and Maine, the Bocage loop, the GR 364 or on the Route of Santiago de Compostela which crosses the Vendée bocage.

Hiking in Vendée Bocage

The Way of Santiago de Compostela

The way to Santiago de Compostelacrosses the territory of Bocage Vendéen from Clisson (44) to Saint Jean d'Angély (17). It passes through the towns of Montaigu, Saint Fulgent, Chantonnay before joining the South Vendée. The Tourist officeshave a list of pilgrim accommodation” on the roads of Santiago de Compostela or consult our list of guest rooms ou hotels.The markup is represented by the yellow shellwhich characterizes the pilgrims of St Jacques.

To find out more about the Way of St Jacques Vendéen

Topographical guides

Find all the circuits of the bocage vendéen for download on the app cirkwi. The circuits are also visible on the websites:

Get well equipped for hiking!

A few tips for safe hiking:

  • Avoid flip flops and other summer shoes even if it's hot
  • Hat / cap to protect the head
  • Water to hydrate the whole family
  • Rain boots/clothes, you never know (Brittany is not that far away)
  • Small nibbles… for small appetites!

GR of Pays Sèvre and Maine

Hiking in the Vendée Bocage

Find many hiking trails in Vendée! This is an opportunity to discover the Vendée bocage in a different way. The bocage is not the mountain but we still have paths with significant elevation changes! Ideal for challenging yourself with family or friends! Gaining altitude also means enjoying new sensations and the opportunity to observe new panoramas! Discover large loops or small marked portions during your walks and according to your level.

Do you prefer to hike differently? The Vendée bocage also has trails for cycling and mountain biking, or even trails for horseback riding.

Eco-responsible gestures on hikes

In order to preserve the magnificent landscapes and the surrounding nature that you can observe during your hikes in Vendée Bocage, several eco-responsible actions can be easily implemented!

  • Respect the marked trails and paths : Beacons are put in place to preserve certain protected natural areas on the routes. By leaving the marked trails, you risk weakening an entire ecosystem.
  • Do not litter : If you decide to picnic during your hike, or take a short snack break, keep your waste with you until the next bin. When leaving the place, check that a paper or a towel has not flown into the surrounding nature! The little extra: take a garbage bag with you to pick up the waste you find during your hike!
  • Do not pick protected species : Nature is beautiful, and sometimes the temptation to pick pretty flowers or plants can be great, in order to make a nice bouquet. However, nature must remain in its environment, so that species can continue to grow and regrow. Take a nice souvenir photo and admire the pretty flowers in the middle of nature for a moment longer!

To learn more

For more information, visit the website of the French Federation of Hiking: frandonnee !

The tourist offices can also give you information directly at the tourist information offices or by telephone on 02 44 40 20 16.

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