From medieval heritage to religious heritage, passing through authentic villages, the Vendée bocage has an exceptional heritage. Immerse yourself in the discovery of these nuggets!

The Vendée is a land of history, where culture and heritage are omnipresent. Over time, the Vendée bocage has witnessed many constructions on its land. Immerse yourself in the heart of history by admiring the exceptional heritage of the Bocage.

Discovering the heritage in Vendée Bocage

Go explore the past through the old stones, in order to better understand the rich history of the territory! The charm of the small towns of character, the character of the castles and dwellings, the legends of the villages and the splendor of the religious buildings will tell you about the life of yesteryear, still strongly anchored and important for the Vendée people of the bocage.

A stay in Vendée is often synonymous with time travel. The discovery of its history is done through its very rich and varied ancient heritage.

Explore the Small Towns of Character in Vendée Bocage

The street of cobblestones in Mallièvre in Vendée Bocage



This ancient city of weavers can be discovered along the alleys, washhouses and cobblestones. His edges of Sèvre invite you to take beautiful walks through rich and unspoiled nature.

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Mouchamps, Small Town of Character in Vendée Bocage



Perched on a rocky escarpment which dominates the Petit Lay, Mouchamps releases a authenticity and a character picturesque. Its town is home to many talented craftsmen.

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Built on the rocky outcrop overlooking the Sèvre, this ancient medieval city reveals itself to the passerby. Its elevations, its landscape heritage and architectural, will surprise you.

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The esplanade of the Château de Pouzauges and the view of the bocage in Vendée



Developed around its fortified castleThe city of Pouzauges has crossed the ages, retaining from each of them elements that have forged its identity. The heart of Pouzauges is criss-crossed by small picturesque alleys, the venelles.

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Admire the religious heritage in Vendée Bocage

Discover the Sanctuary of La Salette in La Rabatelière in Vendée Bocage.

Unusual – The Sanctuary of La Salette

Located in La Rabelière, this monument consists of 3 sets and a Stations of the Cross, all in an exotic plant universe.

This cultural site of the Vendée Departmental Council represents the apparitions of the Virgin to the children of La Salette in the Alps in 1846.

Travel through time!

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