The inhabitants of the bocage vendéen believe in strong values, founding of their philosophy of life.

The values ​​of the Vendée bocage

Volunteering, this ability to federate allows the organization of many events “You must first give in order to receive ». The transmission know-how is at the heart of business dynamics. This value guides tourism stakeholders who are committed to sharing the territory's history. Work : a healthy ambition and a taste for success drive the entrepreneurs of the territory. “We do great things without taking ourselves seriously ». The good life, it is the great conviviality of the inhabitants of the bocage: the welcome, associated with a desire to respect the environment in which we live.

The values ​​of the Vendée bocage and its authenticity are expressed through 5 podcasts, 5 interviews with 5 local personalities. Through its podcasts, Vendée Vallée wishes to immerse its visitors in the sounds of the territory and the accents of the personalities who make the richness of this region around Puy du Fou®.

A podcast: A sound journey through the Vendée countryside!

What is a podcast?

A podcast is used in the news media, to listen to your favorite show again, the radio show that you missed. A good way to distribute sound files on the internet. A destination podcast allows the promotion of our destination Vendée Bocage, territory around Puy du Fou® through sound.

Bocage Vendéen is one of the first destinations in France to use podcasting as a means of communication. The Vendée Bocage podcast was created in partnership with the AKKEN agency, from Nantes, specializing in sound tools revealing territories.

A sound journey through the Vendée bocage!

For Vendée Bocage, the podcasts are interviews with residents, sound recordings, noises from the destination to allow visitors to immerse themselves in their future vacations, to discover a destination through noise. These interviews reveal the values ​​of our territory, a mini-series of 5 podcast episodes for a sound exploration.

The Vendée Bocage podcast reveals the values ​​of Bocage Vendéen

The values ​​of the bocage vendée are revealed through 5 episodes following interviews with personalities, shared by the men who live there: commitment, attachment to its territory, the traditions of the bocage, conviviality and good living who reign there. We are here!

Let's listen Jean-Paul Eveillé from the Moulins du Terrier Marteau, Philippe Maindron from the Festival de Poupet, Jean-Claude Billaud from the Labyrinthe Vendée Vallée, Chantal Hérault from the Ferme des Costs and Raymond Martineau from the Joyeux Vendéens du Boupère.

The teaser: the Puy du Fou®, the lighthouse that lights up the valley

The Puy du Fou®

Episode #1: the commitment

This first episode reveals the value of the commitment of the men of the Vendée bocage.

Episode #2: attachment to the territory

Episode #3: traditions

Vendée brioche

Episode #4: conviviality

The watchword of this episode Conviviality : be very serious so as not to take yourself seriously, from the freshness of an ancestral cellar to the effervescence of an open-air event, conviviality is contagious in the bocage.

Episode #5: living well

For this last episode of ??????? Vendée Vallée, the podcast for your future holidays, we walk the paths of the bocage alongside those who are its soul, in search of the secrets of happiness. Are we not good here ?


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