Looking for an outdoor activity for family fun? The Tourist Offices and the tourist sites of the Vendée bocage offer you treasure hunts which combine discovery of the heritage of a municipality and live an adventure by solving puzzles step by step.

What to do with the children on Wednesdays in the fall and winter?

Treasure hunts accessible all year round

Treasure hunts accessible all year round

New for 2023 – Perrine's Secret

Prepare to embark on an adventure where mysteries and enigmas mingle to reveal a secret that has been well-kept for decades! 

Immerse yourself in the heart of a bewitching story with the "Secret of Perrine" in Mesnard-la-Barotière and explore the enchanting and emblematic places of the town. Every corner is full of tracks and surprises. Keep your eyes open, because the clues are hidden everywhere!

  • Game booklet to be found at the Pays des Herbiers Tourist Office: €5
  • From 5 years and +
  • Duration: 1h15
Open. Closes at 19:00 p.m.
Church Square
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“Investigation around the Digue” – Montaigu-Vendée

Intrepid Adventure: Help! Montaigu's treasure has been stolen! Do you like puzzles? Lead the investigation and go on the trail of the culprits in order to find the treasure it contains.

  • €6/child, €1,5/additional child
  • Children from 6 to 13 years old
  • Open all year round – reservation and information at the Terres de Montaigu Tourist Office on 02 51 06 39 17

“The Quest for the Golden Tree” – Les Herbiers

The Landreau park hosts a unique treasure hunt “the Quest for the Golden Tree”. This course full of puzzles and fun challenges is an ideal way to get some fresh air and liven up your family outings!

  • 5€ the bag
  • For students over the age of 5
  • From the Pays des Herbiers Tourist Office, information on 02 44 40 20 20.

“The Secret of the 5 sages” – Sèvremont (La Flocellière)

At the heart of the eco-garden, five wise men send you on a quest to find a lost secret. Become true naturalist adventurers and let yourself be transported through riddles, observations and amazing encounters...

  • 15€/game bag
  • For all
  • On sale at the CPIE reception (02 51 57 77 14) or at the Pays de Pouzauges Tourist Office

“Investigation game” – Pouzauges

Intrepid adventure: Melusine has mysteriously left the castle and its knight. It is said that she would have flown away, her protective amulet has also disappeared. Could it be a blow from the dark mage? Helped by the wood elves, you must search, manipulate and solve puzzles to complete your quest.

  • 20 €/game box
  • Open all year round
  • By reservation at the Pays de Pouzauges Tourist Office on 02 51 91 82 46

Life-size treasure hunt “Enigmania – Les Herbiers

Enigmania is a mix between a treasure hunt and a treasure hunt with puzzles to solve. Go on an adventure and experience a unique moment with family or friends, discovering the town of Les Herbiers!

  • Available 24/24
  • 15€
  • Only with a smartphone

Children's adventures at tourist sites accessible all year round

“Discovery trail at the Logis de la Chabotterie” – Montreverd (St Sulpice le Verdon)

Route to be taken outdoors, in addition to a visit to the Logis de la Chabotterie in Saint Sulpice le Verdon, with a booklet to be completed as a family. Find a code, solve puzzles with objects, etc.

  • 2€ the booklet
  • Child from 6 to 13 years old
  • All year round (closed Tuesdays and from 1st to 31th January 2023)
  • Information 02 51 42 81 00

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