6 days to gently reconnect with nature by hiking along the Sèvre Nantaise and the trails of the Vendée bocage. Take the Pays Sèvre et Maine GR and more specifically the Boucle du Bocage!

  • 144 km in 6 stages of 24 km
  • Red and yellow markup
  • Departure from Clisson (station) – Cugand
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  • Information from Tourist offices

Departure Clisson – Cugand

Departure from Clisson – Gétigné, red yellow markings of the GR de Pays, or from Cugand, parking on the Gaumier site, either cross the road to join the GR or go to the village of Antières via the Chemin noir and you join the GR at the Hucheloup site.

24 km along the Sèvre Nantaise, taking the variant on the Vendée side.

The Doucinière viaduct in Cugand, in Vendée.

Stage 1 – Cugand – Tiffauges

You follow the Sèvre Nantaise, a few sunken lanes of the Vendée bocage, follow the path with a magnificent panorama of the village of Boussay. You will discover the industrial past of the Sèvre Nantaise and its mills: the Foulon mill in Cugand, the Hucheloup industrial site, the Doucinière viaduct.

Passage through beautiful natural spaces, La Colardière to La Bruffière, from St André to St Aubin les Ormeaux, then you reach Tiffauges by the junction between La Crûme and La Sèvre Nantaise.

This portion of the GR allows you to follow the Sèvre Nantaise and move away from it for the view of the Vendée bocage or discover elements of the historical (castle) and industrial (mills on the Sèvre) heritage (mills on the Sèvre) water mill and natural (dam, under wood, river…).

To sleep at Tiffauges :

The Château de Tiffauges in Vendée Bocage, castle of Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard)

Stage 2: Tiffauges – St Laurent sur Sèvre

24,5 km to Saint Laurent sur Sèvre

To discover on this portion: the more chaotic Sèvre Nantaise is revealed with its granite blocks. The commune of Mortagne sur Sèvre and its Clisonnaise style gardens on the hillsides, the industrial past with the old Fleuriais site. Saint Hilaire de Mortagne and its renovated church Vendée Vitrail. Barbin's Bridge. Saint Laurent sur Sèvre “the Holy City of Vendée”, stopover town with all shops. The basilica and the chapel of the Sisters of Wisdom.

To sleep in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre:

32 km to Mallièvre

To sleep in Mallièvre:


Step 3: Saint Laurent sur Sèvre – Les Herbiers

24,5 km to Les Herbiers

Leave the steeples of St Laurent Sur Sèvre and continue the path to Mallièvre, a small city of character. You leave the Sèvre Nantaise river to join the Epesses and the Puy du Fou® by the paths of the Vendée bocage. You reach the Mont des Alouettes, the forest of Maha.

To sleep at Les Herbiers


Stage 4: The Herbaria – Mesnard la Barotière

21 km to reach Lac de la Tricherie in Mesnard la Barotière

You go around the town of Les Herbiers by its paths, the Bois Verts forest as far as Mesnard la Barotière, the Lac de la Tricherie and the Bois du Deffend.

To sleep in Mesnard la Barotière


Mesnard la Barotière - St Georges de Montaigu

From the Lac de la Tricherie and the Bois du Deffend, you take the paths of the Vendée bocage and reach the Lac de la Bultière. You follow the lake path to the Pont de Preuilly. Franson mill. You reach Grande Maine and the Maison de la Rivière site in Saint Georges de Montaigu.

To sleep in St Georges de Montaigu


Stage 5: Montaigu – Clisson

If you want to continue to Montaigu

21 km to Cugand

24 km to Clisson

Passage to the confluence of the Grande and the Petite Maine at Saint Georges de Montaigu before heading towards Montaigu: its ramparts and its famous Dike. Return to Cugand, la Grenotière where you will find the Sèvre Nantaise and the village of Fouques, the Pont de l'Arsenal, return to Clisson.


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