Are you planning to come to Puy du Fou® or attend La Cinéscenie but you don't know what there is to do nearby? Follow the guide to make the most of your week's vacation in Vendée, in the heart of the Vendée countryside!

Are you planning your next family vacation but still unsure about the destination? We give you 10 good reasons to come and spend your stay with us, in the Vendée countryside!

Why come on vacation to Vendée Bocage?

Time travel

The Signe du Triomphe show at Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou® and La Cinéscénie

Numerous shows, reconstructed villages, the largest night show in the world... a great program for your vacation that will definitely make you fall in love with the Vendée countryside!

Organize your visit

Discover the Château de Saint Mesmin during your family vacation in Vendée Bocage!


Lively castles for the whole family

The bocage is rich in castles, manor et lodgings Vendée. Visit them, over the many animations which are offered to you for your outings with family or friends!

The list of castles

Discover Le Logis de la Chabotterie with your family in Vendée Bocage


(Re)discover the Vendée War

The Vendée bocage has a Story rich, which is discovered in particular through the Vendée war. Shows and historical sites propel you into this part of our history.

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The rich heritage in Vendée Bocage is a true witness to the past. Discover the history of the Vendée over the centuries through the stones of the castles, the shows and the reconstructed village retracing the wars of the Vendée.

Have fun with family or friends

Tepacap Vendée in Mesnard-la-Barotière offers many activities: tree climbing, paintball, games for children, etc.


Many leisure activities

Ropes, maze, canoe, paddle, tramponet in the trees, accrosplash, archery, lasergame, paintball... there is no shortage of activities to have fun in Vendée Bocage!

All activities

To keep the little ones (and older ones) occupied, there are many activities on offer in Vendée! It's raining ? Escape game, virtual reality, bowling and swimming pool await you! It's very hot ? Enjoy the many aquatic activities!

Recharge in nature

The Lake of Triterie leisure center in Vendée


Along the water

Whether during a promenade along the Sevre Nantes, during a bathing in a lake or during a canoe trip on a river, the bocage can also be discovered along the water.

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La Maison de la Rivière in Montaigu-Vendée, in the Vendée countryside


Hiking trails for all levels

Walking & more with family, Country GR, cycle hike, stays roaming hikes… set off to explore our hiking trails at your own pace!

All our hikes

Vendée Bocage is THE nature destination par excellence! Along the Sèvre Nantaise, at the top of the hills, in the hollow paths, or in the middle of the forest, the landscapes follow one another before your eyes. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Take full eyes

The Archangel Saint Michael from the bell tower of the Church of Saint Michel Mont Mercure in Sèvremont


Take height

Did you know ? the highest point of Vendée is located in the bocage, in Saint-Michel-Mont-Mercure (Sèvremont)! Climb the 199 steps to reach the church tower and enjoy a panoramic view !

The most beautiful points of view

The street of cobblestones in Mallièvre in Vendée Bocage


Small Towns of Character

Set off to discover typical and atypical villages: Mallièvre, Pouzauges, Mouchamps and Mortagne-sur-Sèvre await you for lovely walks between heritage and nature.

Our Small Cities of Character

These Small Cities of Character can be discovered on foot, or by bike, along the alleys, and the heritage to admire!

Discover Vendée know-how

10 good reasons to come on vacation in Vendée Bocage


The famous Vendée brioche

Its reputation is well established... the famous Vendée brioche comes from here! Here, you will find them everywhere in bakeries. Be careful, you quickly become addicted! To consume without moderation.

Souvenir gift ideas from Vendée

10 good reasons to come on vacation in Vendée Bocage


Meeting local artisans and producers

Take the time to open the door of a boutique full of gems, stop in an original workshop, and listen to one of our enthusiasts explain their know-how to you... That's also what holidays in Vendée Bocage are all about!

The list of producers and artisans

Vendée Bocage is also an area 1 hour from Marais Poitevin (and its relaxing walks on the Green Venice), 1 hour from fine sandy beaches from the Atlantic Ocean, but also 1 hour from pleasant cities to visit in 1 day: Nantes, Angers or, La Rochelle !

Pack your bags in the Vendée countryside and take advantage of it to create a vacation that suits you!

See you soon in the Vendée countryside!

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